Semester Speaker Inviting Division
1984 Spring T. James P (1)
1984 Fall Giddings A (1)
1985 Spring M. Wrighton I (1)
1985 Fall submitted-not funded
1986 Spring P. Greco O (1)
1986 Fall submitted-not funded
1987 Spring Small B (1)
1987 Fall Bernstein P (2)
1988 Spring R. P. Buck A (2)
1988 Fall submitted-not funded
1989 Spring Reed Izatt I (2)
1989 Fall Andrew Streitweiser, Jr. O (2)
1990 Spring no request
1990 Fall submitted-not funded
1991 Spring King B (2)
1991 Fall F. McLafferty (Baxter) A (3)
1992 Spring A. H. Zewail (Baxter) P (3)
1992 Fall A. H. Cowley (Baxter) I (3)
1993 Spring R. Hoffmann (Baxter) P (4)
1993 Fall P. von Ragué Schleyer (Baxter) O (3)
1994 Spring G. A. Petsko (Baxter) B (3)
Csaba Horvath (Abbott) A (4)
1994 Fall H. B. Gray (Baxter) I (4)
1995 Spring Schrock (Abbott) O (4)
1995 Fall B. W. Mathews (Baxter) B (4)
1996 Spring Malcolm H. Chisholm (Abbott) I (5)
1996 Fall N. J. Dovichi (Baxter) A (5)
1997 Spring El-Sayed (Abbott) P (5)
1997 Fall Katritzky (Baxter) O (5)
1998 Spring none funded
1998 Fall none funded
1999 Spring William Lipscomb (Abbott)
(Last speaker of the Abbott Colloquium)
1999 Fall Herbert Roesky (Baxter) I
2000 Spring (Abbott) -likely not funded A?
2000 Fall (Baxter) - did not occur P?
2001 Spring M. Bonner Denton (Baxter)
Raman Spectroscopy: The Awakening Giant
2002 Spring Sunney Chan (Baxter)
Methane Monooxygenase: Nature's Catalyst
2003 Spring (17.3.2003) F. Albert Cotton (Baxter) Metal atom chains: One, two, three, infinity. I?
C. N. R. Rao (Baxter)
Chemical Design of Materials

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Petr Vanysek, 3 December 1999 (Updated 22 April 2005)


Minor porposals:

Spring 1989:      P. E. Eaton (O), G. W. Ashley (O), M. J. Zaworotko (I), R. Larter (P), S. Langer (A), P. Pancoska (A), L. B. Schook (B), D. E. Van Epps (B).

 Fall 1989:      John Yates (P), S. Kahn (O), N. Burford (I), D. Ballantine (A), D. Oxender (B)

 Spring 1990      G. Dreyfuss (B), J. C. Gilbert (O), G. Bergman (I), H. Eaton (P)

Fall 1990             L. M. Stock (A), J. A. Cox (A), J. R. Stetter (A), K. L. Agarwal (B), G. E. Woloshak (B), C.-H. Wang (P), D. C. Sonnenberger (I), E. P. Horowitz (I). 

Past minor proposal speakers

      Analytical:      Kissinger (S86), Faulkner (F86), A. Popov (F86), M. Novotnk (S87), B. Freiser (F 87), S. Houk (F 88), S. Langer (S89), P. Panwoska (S89), D. Ballantine (F89), Stock (F90), Cox (F90), Stetter (F90).


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