For those who inquire about possible positions:

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Those looking for postdoctoral positions, read on:

    I do not have currently any available opening for a researcher at the level of a postdoctoral fellow in my group. Any future existence of such a new position depends on available money. When this happens, I will post this information here as well and I will advertise in the appropriate media.

    Sometimes I receive inquiries from people who know about my work and are interested in joining my research group. I always like to hear from those. Often though, inquiries for postdoctoral positions arrive unsolicited via e-mail and are broadly targeted. In some cases they actually represent information pollution and are directed at a volume in all directions, to many faculty members, rather than at a specific target. In fact, with the ease of generating large number of letters via e-mail and their proliferation, I had to abandon the polite rule of yesteryears to answer every piece of mail. I just do not have the resources to do so. Thus, I do not answer these letter.

    Attached files: These take up large server space and can possibly carry a virus. As a rule, my server rejects mail with attached files from unrecognized sources.

    Unrecognized sources: Mail originating from anonymous or almost anonymous remailers (,, etc.) is rejected.

If you would like to be informed about possible opening, please, send me an actual paper letter with your vitae as well, and several letters of recommendation from people who know you professionally.

Prof. Petr Vanýsek, Ph.D.
Northern Illinois University
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
DeKalb, IL 60115, USA

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