And as it always happens, there are some links that are not research related but still, or perhaps because of that, they are quite interesting.

But, if you would not know how to get to those, you would not have got to this page anyway...

I really like the town of Santa Teresa, sbseal90.gif (7436 bytes)sblogo.gif (13662 bytes)although I do not live there.
About Santa Teresa:  "It's all oddly unsettling--so lush and refined that it ruins you for anyplace else." Kinsey Milhone

Other interesting place in California is Ventura  venturaseal.gif (7464 bytes),   a site of the winter Gordon Conferences.

Mascots (everybody else shows family pictures...)       ldogl.gif (5287 bytes)
     [I do not have pets, children, houseplants or other pesky dependents.]

Favorite charity

Retired technology mercurybattery.jpg (10994 bytes)


Interesting technology


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