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Petr Vanysek

Petr Vanýsek

Professor Emeritus
Analytical Chemistry
(815) 753-1131 (department)
cell: +420-732-584-310



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Mailing address:
Dr. Petr Vanýsek
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Northern Illinois University
1425 W. Lincoln Hwy
DeKalb, IL 60115-2862 (U.S.A.)




Leave of Absence:

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology, Technicka 3058/10, Brno, CZ-616 00, Czech Republic

Recent vitae

This is a personally operated and maintained page. The contents used to be hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at NIU, but as the circumstances have changed, the server supporting this effort has been disabled. To be able to maintain this tool in order to promote my professional and teaching objectives, I purchased my own service.

Note added 17 April 2006: I started designing this page eight years ago, when I got my first version of FrontPage Editor. It was a novelty for me and I created number of links I though were useful or interesting. But times have changed. The web now contains much more information than eight years ago and the search engines make it much easier to find a needed information on the fly. What used to be handy to have on my own web page is available elsewhere. I was also exited by the fact that I had more available storage space on the server than on my personal computer. That has changed. The server allocation remained the same so to accommodate my growing teaching files, I removed some of the other material. With external USB hard drives, localized storage is no problem anymore.
Thus, if you find a dead link or a page that looks very old, it is because it is from the old system and I keep it there for historical reason.

Inception: 21 August 1998
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