Executive Committee - Sunday Evening Planning Meeting

Present: Joe Stetter, Peter Hesketh, Tim Henning, Masuo Aizawa, Simon Ang, Dennis Turner, Robert Frankenthal, Henry G. Hughes, Petr Vanysek, Leo Kriksunov, Elena Shembel and Leonid Boguslavsky (in order of the attendance list).

New officers:
     Chair: Peter Hesketh (U. of Illinois at Chicago)
     Vice Chairman: Joseph Stetter (Illinois Institute of Technology)
     Treasurer/Secretary: Richard M. Crooks (Texas A&M)

Peter Hesketh called to order 7:45 PM as scheduled. Attendance = People on attached attendance list.

1. Bob Frankenthal gave update on Philadelphia 2002 meeting celebrating the centennial of the ECS. Same amount of time for programs - start and end _ hr earlier/later. Three special plenary lectures. Looking for two more plenary lecturers. Someone in solid state and electrochemistry. Many special plans.

2. Joe Stetter reported that Dick Crooks, Secretary Treasurer was stuck in College Station, TX because of a tornado that was in the process of destroying Dallas and so, due to an act of God, could not perform his duties. Joe will take the minutes of our meeting and give the treasurer's report.

3. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting; Petr moved and Henry seconded. Unanimous approval.

4. Discuss review of Boston Meeting
    Report on Boston meeting.
    Boston Meeting Sponsorship of the Sensor Division Includes:

    F1 Corrosion Sensors - Moran/Smyrl/Sorensen
    X2 Sensors for Polymer Manufacturing Process Monitoring - Stokes/Guy
    Y1 Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems IV -  Hesketh/Hughes/Bailey
    Z1 Acoustic Wave Based Sensors V - Ricco/Martin/Gordon 43 papers
    Peter Hesketh and Dvorin Babich will presented a workshop in Boston on Tuesday on "Fundamentals of Microfabrication Techniques."

     1831 attended the meeting.

     4. Spring 99 Seattle:

     Transportation Sensors - Cernosek/Soltis/Balco
     New Directions in Electroanalytical Chemistry - Leddy/Porter/Vanysek
     Single Crystal and Nanostructured Electrodes - Lipkowski/Adzic/Stuve
     Solid State Ionic Devices - Wachman

     5. Fall 99 Hawaii: Request for funding for Hawaii meeting.

     Chemical Sensors IV - Butler/Vanysek/Aizawa/Yamazoe [with Proc. Vol.]
     - up to $3,000.00
     Sensors Division only. Motion to approve; Petr, second, Henry, - approved.
     Biosensors and Biomolecular Electronics -
     Aizawa/Greenbaum/Matsunaga/Vanysek/Hesketh - up to $600
     Organic and Sensor Divisions. - motion made - Stetter moves; Hesketh
     2nd; approved.
     Electroorganic and Electroanalytical Aspects of Environmental
     Chemistry-Johnson/Porter/Shimazu/Stetter - up to $300.00 in funding;
     Petr 1st, Hesketh 2nd; approved with 1 abstention - Organic, Physical,
     Sensors divisions are sponsors.

     [Workshop on Chemical Sensors by Harrison and Ricco.]

     NEXT ---- Spring 00 Toronto Plans: -

     Impedance Spectroscopy - Buck/Vanysek/Hesketh - PE division and
     Sensors Division. - the organizers have not requested anything yet. Still

     Sensors for Energy Technology - Kinoshita/Stetter - Sensors divisions,
     Energy Technology. Stetter will work with ET division and keep u with
     symposium and get some papers for the sensor division so we share in
     the revenue.

     Sensors for Diabetes - T. Henning/Cunningham: request $600; 2 days..
     only Sensor division sponsorship - target 30 papers [minimum 21 papers
     for proceedings volume] proceedings volume planned. Approval of
     society and sensor division chairman needed for solicitation of funding.
     Henry 1st; Stetter 2nd; approved.
     Peter Hesketh will request that this 2-day symposium runs Wednesday
     and Thursday to make it closer to the Biosensors 2000 symposium to be
     held next week in San Diego.

     Polymer Manufacturing Process Sensors II - Sensor Division sponsor -
     Ed Stokes GE - last meeting had 9 papers in Boston - Petr moves we
     offer one day of registration per day of symposium scheduled. [i.e. $300
     per day] - 2nd Hesketh - approved.

     Fall 00 Phoenix:

     Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems V - Hesketh/Hughes/Bailey
     Ceramic Sensors V - Anderson/Liu/Allendorf
     Performance of Packaged and Integrated Sensor Systems - T. Zellers, J.
     Stetter, [includes engineering aspects of integration with flow paths,
     hardware and software, packaging and test and evaluation;
     implementation of sensors!].
     [Joe will talk with Ted to add the symposium volume; conference with
     Henry and add Univ. Arkansas as a added plus]
     Acoustic Sensors VI - Rob Hillman, Steve Martin.

     Spring 01 Washington DC
     Industrial Process Monitoring Sensors V [Petr to find someone for next meeting]
     Transportation Sensors [chairman to look into if this goes]
     Sensors Arrays - Bill Heinemann [includes what chemists call hybrid
     sensors, multivariate sensors and other sensor arrays] - Joe Stetter
     agreed to help - Joe will talk to Bill about getting 3-4 days and doing a
     symposium volume - minimum 21 papers.
     DNA Sensors - Cindy Bruckner-Lea - chairman to contact and see if
     this still is a go? Ask for the focus -electrochemistry or what -
     biochip??? Tim Henning to consider helping?

     Fall 01 San Francisco [Joint ECS/ISE meeting] - Chemical Sensors V - Vanysek et al.
     Workshop on Analytical Chemistry of Chemical Sensors - Joe Stetter
     We will only have one - five day symposium.

     Spring 02 Philadelphia
     WE NEED IDEAS AND VOLUNTEERS!!! [Physical sensors and
     MEMs sensors - Peter Hesketh, Lab on a Chip, Sensors for severe
     environments; automotive sensors; process control sensors, Š]

Financial Stuff:
Dick Crooks says we have:

  General fund Award fund
Status 1/98 $14,278 $ 6,672 
additions $5,732  $ 441
subtractions $2,385 $ 1045 
status 12/98  $ 18,075 $ 6,068


We need to put together the sensor awards committee. Suggested - Janata, University; Ricco, Industry and email with another suggestion.

Dick Crooks asked Joe [in his absence] to mention transferring $6,000 to the awards fund this year. After discussion this group decided to not do it and discuss it next time.

 Henry said we should expand to more than chemical sensors - physical sensors. Peter H to look into a meeting that doesn't conflict with Hilton Head. We already suggested Physical Sensors for Hilton head - and this combined with MEMs may be a good choice for Pa in 2002. Hesketh will look into it. Problem may occur with Transducers' meeting. Maybe move to DC in 2001 [Transducer's is in Munich 2001].

Input is solicited for Sensor Newsletter.

Meeting Adjourned 11 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Joe Stetter. Vice-chairman [for Dick Crooks, Secretary Treasurer]

Web version prepared by Petr Vanysek 3 June 1999. No new electrons were used in transmission of this document.