MINUTES - ECS SENSOR DIVISION 1 November 1998 - Boston

Executive Committee - Sunday Evening Planning Meeting

Present: Petr Vanysek, Rob Hillman, Ingemar Lundstr`m, Henry G. Hughes, Tony Ricco, Ted Zellers, Cindy Bruckner-Lea, Joe Stetter, Dick Crooks, Fred Yamagishi, Ed Stokes.

Petr Vanysek called to order 8:45 P.M. as scheduled.

* Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting. Motion to approve, Dick Crooks,

2nd Henry Hughes; unanimous approval.

* Newsletter. 11 people still want paper copy. Cindy Bruckner-Lea will send to H.q. [Rounsavill]

to put on ECS web page. Sensor division mailed nearly a thousand copies! Great job Cindy.

* Discuss review of San Diego Meeting

Ceramic Sensors IV - 14 papers

Sensors for environmental monitoring and occupational safety - 26

Liquid-liquid interfaces - 34

Boston Meeting Sponsorship of the Sensor Division Includes: F1 Corrosion Sensors - Moran/Smyrl/Sorenson 8 papers

X2 Sensors for Polymer Manufacturing Process Monitoring - Stokes/Gui - 9

Y1 Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems IV - Hesketh/Hughes/Bailey _ 33 (proceedings

volume published)

Z1 Acoustic Wave Based Sensors V - Ricco/Martin/Gordon _ 43 papers (19 displayed as

posters) AND Peter Hesketh and Davorin Babic will present a workshop here in Boston on Tuesday on

AFundamentals of Microfabrication Techniques.@

* Discuss upcoming meetings and planned symposia:

Tony Ricco and Jed Harrison will present workshop at >99 Hawaii meeting on Chemical Sensors.

Joe Stetter will outline a proposed a workshop for San Francisco in 2001 on Analytical Chemistry

of Chemical Sensors.

Meeting and planned symposia at these meetings:

Spring 99 Seattle:

Transportation Sensors - Cernosek/Soltis/Balco

New Directions in Electroanalytical Chemistry - Leddy/Porter/Vanysek

Single Crystal and Nanostructured Electrodes - Lipkowski/Adzic/Stuve

Solid State Ionic Devices - Wachman

Fall 99 Hawaii :

Chemical Sensors IV - Butler/Vanysek/Aizawa/Yamazoe [with proceedings volume]

Biosensors and Biomolecular Electronics Aizawa/Greenbaum/Matsunaga/Vanysek/Hesketh

Electroorganic and Electroanalytical Aspects of Environmental Chemistry-Johnson/Porter/



[Workshop on Chemical Sensors by Harrison and Ricco.]


Impedance Spectroscopy - Buck/Vanysek/Hesketh

Sensors for Energy Technology - Kinoshita/Stetter

NEW: Sensors for Diabetes - T. Henning/Cunningham


Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems V - Hesketh/Hughes/Bailey

Ceramic Sensors V - Anderson/Liu/Allendorf

NEW: Sensor Systems - T. Zellers, J. Stetter [including engineering aspects of integration with flow

paths, hardware and software, packaging and test and evaluation; implementation of sensors!].

NEW: Acoustic Sensors VI - Rob Hillman, Steve Martin.


Industrial Process Monitoring Sensors V [???? include FIA, u-TAS?]

Transportation Sensors [??? include sensors for severe environments & difficult applications]

NEW: Sensors Arrays - Bill Heinemann [includes what chemists call hybrid sensors, multivariate

sensors and other sensor arrays] - J. Janata? Joe Stetter agreed to help. Electronic noses?

NEW: DNA Sensors - Cindy Bruckner-Lea

FALL 01 SAN FRANCISCO [Joint ECS/ISE meeting] - Sensors V - Vanysek et al.

Workshop on Analytical Chemistry of Chemical Sensors - Joe Stetter


WE NEED IDEAS AND VOLUNTEERS!!!! [Physical sensors, Lab on a Chip, Sensors for

severe environments; automotive sensors; process control sensors,...]

Click here for a more up-to-date list of sensor related symposia

* Financial Statement:

See attached summary of income and expenses by Joe Stetter.

(Balance as of 22 July 1998 custodial fund: $ 17284.58, Award fund $ 6905.08)

We obtained a lot of help from Cindy in mailing the newsletter - Thanks Cindy.

Executive committee [motion by Tony Ricco, 2nd by Rob Hillman] to transfer $5,000 from general

custodial fund to award fund so that interest on award fund endowment will pay for award.


$500 was approved for Boston and $500 for Seattle for speakers for symposia.

* Membership - Petr Vanysek will update membership - last known status is 427 Primary

members and 779 secondary members. This is important to have as high as possible because this is

used in the formula for the society to divide up and credit money to the various divisions. (Added in

proof: 831 listed in the official report for 1997 and 904 for 1998, an 8.8% increase.)

* The new slate of officers was approved [Tony Ricco 1st and Fred Yamagishi, 2nd] and will be

presented to the Sensor Division Membership at the luncheon meeting on Tuesday.


Chair: Peter Hesketh (U. of Illinois at Chicago)  

Vice Chairman: Joseph Stetter (IIT)

Treasurer/Secretary: Richard M. Crooks (Texas A & M)

Members at Large:

Served Previous Term:

Cindy Bruckner-Lea (also newsletter editor, PNL)

Jay W. Grate (PNL)

D. Jed Harrison (University of Alberta)

A. Rob Hillman (University of Leicester)

Henry G. Hughes (Motorola)

Frederick Yamagishi (HRL Laboratories)

Noboru Yamazoe (Kyushu University)

New additions:

Jiri (Art) Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Diane Smith (San Diego State University)

Mike Sailor (UC San Diego)

Ted Zellers (Univ. Michigan)

George Horvai (Technical University of Budapest)

(*All the nominees agreed to serve when elected.)

Listing with addresses


* Open Discussion:

Tony Ricco was nominated a society Fellow - CONGRATULATIONS Tony and thanks for all the

hard work.

Ingemar Lundstrom joined us - CONGRATULATIONS to Ingemar for this year Outstanding Achievement Award!

Most of our revenue comes from those symposium organizers who agree to produce a symposium

volume for sale. We need volunteers to do this more frequently.

The Sensor Division needs a liaison to the INTERFACE Journal for the next year and Cindy

Bruckner-Lea has agreed to do this. The job will be to report Division News about once each three

months and collect articles for the division focus in Interface when it is our turn [about every three

years at the current rate of publication].

Meeting adjourned 11:20 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted, Joe Stetter.

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