Minutes of Sensor Division Executive Committee Meeting

August 31, 1997, Paris

Present: John Dismukes, Fred Yamaguchi, Dick Crooks, Tony Ricco, Joe Stetter, and Richard P. Buck.

Treasurer's report: there is $14,251.43 in the Sensor Division account, and $6,449.62 in our Award Fund.

John Dismukes discussed the internationalization of ECS. More international interaction is sought. About 25% of the ECS membership is international.

Tony Ricco gave a brief report on Paris but said even though we had a lot more people attending the meeting, the gains would be offset by the high expense and we do not expect to make much income from the meeting.

We approved $350 for Petr Vanysek San Diego symposium expenses.

We approved $600 for Peter Hesketh expenses for Boston symposium.

We discussed the Sensor Division Awards. We voted to get the process going to raise the award from $500 to $1000. Petr Vanysek should submit our request to the ECS board as soon as possible.

ECS will co-sponsor a new journal [Electrochemical and Solid State Letters].

We would like to run short courses at ECS. Petr V. is commissioned to look into the required financial arrangements. Tony Ricco and Jed Harrison can put one together for Boston if appropriate. Other topics could include electrochemical sensors, packaging and integration of sensors or the like. We should discuss this at the next meeting and plan one or more for upcoming symposia and integrate it with our topics and those of interest to ECS meeting attendees.

ECS has been planning new topics for meetings [themes like "environmental or...]. We think the long range planning group and/or the technical affairs committee and/or the new technology committee within ECS should worry about themes for upcoming ECS meetings [like "environmental" "energy" ... etc.] and then tell the divisions. The Sensor Division can then plan symposia with appropriate emphasis to reinforce such a message. Further, there are too many meetings and travel requirements for scientists as it is and ECS H.q. committees could try to plan more joint symposia to reduce the number of meetings and amount of travel people must do.

Upcoming Meeting Plans:
May 1999, Seattle--Plans include a Ceramics IV and Transportation Sensors symposium.
October 1999, Hawaii--One big symposia - the name will be Chemical and Biological
Sensors V. And this will be a full five days plus posters. It is possible we will also cosponsor symposia with the Organic Electrochemistry and Physical Electrochemistry Divisions at this meeting [Petr V. to check into people to help organize these efforts].
May 2000, Toronto--MMS V [Peter Hesketh; tentative]; Impedance Spectroscopy [Richard Buck, tentative].
October 2000, Phoenix--we need ideas! [Bill Buttner, Joe Stetter -Gas Sensors; tentative].
End of meeting.
Recorded by Joseph R. Stetter

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