The meeting took place on 4 May 1997 in Montreal, in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Present: Petr Vanysek, Antonio Ricco, Michael Butler, William Butner, John Dismukes, Henry Hughes, and Peter Hesketh

The meeting was called to order by Petr Vanysek, the Chairman of the Sensor Division, at 20:45, an agenda was distributed and copies of the Sensor Division Newsletter.

Tony Ricco reported that the Paris Meeting Sensor Symposium had 150 papers and 130 papers in the proceedings volume. The meeting is joint with the International Society of Electrochemists (ISE) who have provided 1000 Swiss Francs in travel grants for invited speakers. This allows the Division to award up to $7000 in speaker support. All of this amount does not have to be used. John Dismukes discussed that people have to pay non member registration if they are neither members of the ECS or ISE. The Society should allow the invited speakers to have their registration prepaid at the lower rate. Tony added that speakers from the former Soviet Union may have reduced registration at the cost of student registration. A meeting to rank the priority of requests for travel grants will take place on Wednesday morning at 7:30 with Tony, Michael and Petr.

Petr Vanysek asked that all requests for travel for future symposia be voted on at the Executive Committee Meeting prior to when the Symposia are held. All symposia organizers receive a handbook which is sent out by headquarters, and describes the procedure and the deadlines for submission of travel requests well in advance of the meeting. Also it was noted that invited speakers who received complimentary registration will not receive a check.

There will be four symposia this week: Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems, Immuno and Biosensors, Application of Sensors to Energy Technology and Sensors Based on Optical Spectroscopy. The Microstructures symposium has a proceedings volume available at the meeting.

Future Symposia were discussed:

Fall 97 Meeting in Paris:

  1. Chemical Sensors May 98

Meeting in San Diego:

  1. Sensors for the Environment Safety and Health,
  2. Liquid-Liquid Interfaces - R. Corn and P. Vanysek organizers
  3. Ceramic Sensors IV - H. Anderson, organizer. Note that the Proceedings Volume Ceramic Sensors III has now been published and is available at this Montreal meeting.
  4. Electrochemical Sensors in Medicine - G. Wilson and F. Schultz

The call for papers for the above symposia will appear in Interface.

November 98 Meeting in Boston:

  1. Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems IV - P. Hesketh; a proceedings volume will be planned
  2. Acoustic Sensors V
  3. Corrosion Sensors - William Smyrl organizer. The possibility of cosponsoring by the electrodeposition division was discussed. It should be coordinated with Gina Whitney who is planning an electrodeposition science meeting in the near future. This will be decided at the Symposium Subcommittee Meeting on Tuesday morning.

May 99 Meeting in Seattle, a tentative list symposia was generated:

  1. Ceramic Sensors - IV. Discussion of future symposia topics included electrochemical sensors such as:
  2. Gas Phase Electrochemistry - Marc Madou is a possible organizer.
  3. Magnetic sensors and their use in electrochemical science.
  4. Biosensor symposia with focus on DNA. Possible contacts include: Greg Kovacs, Rolf Anderson, A. Northrup and those involved in DNA sequencing.
  5. Sensors for Semiconductor Processing such as purity of materials and in-situ sensing.
  6. Automotive Applications or Transportation. R Cernosek possible organizer.

Other topics discussed included Chemical Sensor Arrays and other topics in MEMS.

October 99 Meeting in Hawaii:

  1. Chemical Sensors V - Butler, Vanysek, Yamazoe; a proceedings volume will be planned

May 2000 Meeting in Toronto. - no firm plans yet

The committee was concerned that we should not have too many symposia at a meeting. If there are too many, then we run into the problem of having to run the sessions concurrently and this can result in reduced attendance. Plans should be for 2-3 symposia per meeting as others are added jointly with other divisions as the program is defined.

The possibility of holding workshops was discussed. Very successful workshops have been organized by Buck, Turner and Zemel. We would like to hold some in the future on the following topics: Tony Ricco could conduct one on Chemical Sensors at the Hawaii Meeting. Peter Hesketh on Micromachining Techniques at the Boston Meeting. Workshops will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain training and add an educational component to the national meetings.

The financial status of the division was read: As of April 1997 there is $13,303.18 in the Sensor Division account and $6,231.62 in the Outstanding Achievement Award account.

The Sensor Division will be featured in the Spring 98 issue of Interface. We will put together a set of papers and we discussed the following ideas: I. Lauks a paper on Electrochemical Sensors in Medicine. Janata, Josowicz, DeVaney and Vanysek review of sensors based upon an extensive article they are preparing for the ACS Spring 98 issue of Analytical Chemistry. P. Hesketh Microfabricated Pumps and Flow Sensors. Joe Stetter Gas Sensors.

Attendance at the Paris Meeting will be limited from the executive committee meeting just to Peter and Tony.

Immediate following the Paris Meeting there is a Conference on the Interactions of Acoustic Waves with Thin Films and Interfaces, University of Leicester, UK, 8-10th September, 1997.

The request from the publications committee was briefly discussed regarding the publication of ECS letters on the world wide web.

Recorded by Peter J. Hesketh

This electronic electronic edition of the minutes was prepared by Petr Vanýsek Updated 13 May 1997
No new electrons are used in transmittal of this document.

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