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Minutes of the Sensor Division Executive Committee of the ECS

Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sunday October 20, 2002


Meeting called to order at 8:46pm by Joe Stetter.

 Present: Cindy Bruckner-Lea, Peter Hesketh, Gary Hunter, Petr Vanýsek, Rangachary Mukundan, Tony Ricco, Sheng Yao, Art Janata, Mira Josowicz

 Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Custodian Fund:

      Jan 1, 2002 balance: 34,410.387

      June 30, 2001 balance: 34,736.27

Outstanding Achievement Award

      Jan 1, 2001 balance: 6,114.88

            June 30, 2001 balance: 6,297.88 (Note: award for 2002 not yet deducted)


Upcoming meetings:


Paris Meeting:

Joe Stetter requests $1200 for invited speakers for the general sensor session. This large chemical sensors session will result in a proceedings volume. Request is approved.


Request from Ed Stokes for funding for one speaker ($375 for ECS member) at the Wide Band Gap Materials symposium that is co-sponsored by the Sensor Division at the Paris meeting. Request is approved.


Orlando Meeting (Fall 2003):

Mukund will help with the High Temp Materials symposium

Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session:  Bruckner-Lea,   Hunter, Stetter, Hesketh

Emerging Sensing and Actuating Materials and Technology: Joint with American Ceramic Society (Note: need to fix listings on the ECS web page—lists ACS, not ACerS as co-sponsor).


San Antonio (Spring 2004)

Environmental, Fuel Cell, and Advanced Automotive Sensors:  Fernando Garzan at Los Alamos may help find sponsorship. Organizers: Mukundan, DiMeo, Garzan

Sensors using Nanotechnology  (includes nanostructures, nanomaterials, nanosystems) Hunter, Bruckner-Lea, Stetter


Honolulu (Fall 2004)

MEMS VII  Misra, Hughes, Ang, Hesketh, Davidson (Sensor/DST/Electronics)

Chemical Sensors VI

Subtitle: Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Systems:  joint with Japan   (PV only by Sensor Division, includes )   Butler (Ricco, backup), Bruckner-Lea, Vanysek, Hunter, Aizawa, Egashira


Quebec (Spring 2005)

Impedance-Based Sensor  Vanysek, Hesketh

Sensors using Nanotechnology

Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems, Hunter


A new ECS award is proposed. It is a young investigator award in honor of Charles Tobias. Organizers of this award are requesting a donation of 10,000 from each Division for the award endowment.

Motion: The Sensor Division supports this young investigator award, however, we do not want to commit $10,000 of our finances for this award. We propose to contribute $500 toward the award during each year that this award is given. The $500 contribution from the Sensor Division will occur until the award endowment fund is self-sustaining, and will only occur if there is more than $10,000 in the Sensor Division General Account. The contribution of $500 amounts to 10% of the cash award ($5000). We recommend that the organizers of this award also seek endowments from external sources to make this award self-sustaining. In the meantime, the award can come from the Divisions.


The need for enhanced communication from the Executive committee to the Sensor Division member was discussed. We need more help in running the Sensor Division and organizing Symposia. Some suggestions included:

·      Sending a Chairman’s message to members (via e-mail) before each meeting (this currently costs the Division $20 per e-mail, but is useful to keep members informed about the Executive committee planning meetings on Sunday).

·      Updating/posting information on the Sensor Division webpage

·      Sending brief letters to new Sensor Division members, welcoming them to the Division.


We discussed moving future Sensor Division meetings from 8:45 pm  to 8:00 pm on Sunday.


The Sensor Division will be highlighted in the Summer 2004 issue of Interface. Therefore, papers (typically 3 papers) should be lined up by Fall 2003, and completed/submitted for publication in March, 2004.


Professor Aizawa, recipient of the Sensor Division Outstanding Achievement Award, will not be able to attend this meeting in SLC to receive the award. Peter Hesketh will try to line up Aizawa to give a keynote address at the Paris Meeting in Spring, 2003, and receive the award at that meeting.

 The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

 Meeting adjourned at 10:27 pm


Tuesday Sensor Division Luncheon:

The new Sensor Division Officers for Fall 2002-Fall 2004 are approved.


Chair: Cindy Bruckner-Lea (Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Vice-Chair: Gary Hunter (NASA)
Secretary/Treasurer: Rangachary Mukundan (Oak Ridge National Lab)


Executive Committee Members:

Dick Crooks (Texas A&M University)

Karel Domansky (MIT)

Jay Grate (Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Jed Harrison (Univ. of Alberta)

George Horvai (Technical University of Budapest)

Henry Hughes (Motorola)

Art Janata (Georgia Tech)

Jing Li (Eloret Corporation)

Mike Sailor (UC San Diego)

Diane Smith (San Diego State Univ.)

Norobu Yamazoe (Kyushu University)

Ted Zellers (Univ. of Michigan)

Joe Stetter (Past chair, Nanomix/Illinois Institute of Technology)

Peter Hesketh (Past Chair, Georgia Tech)

Tony Ricco (Past Chair, ACLARA)

Petr Vanýsek (Divisional Advisor, Northern Illinois University)

Prepared for the web by Petr Vanýsek, 27 February 2003




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