MINUTES - ECS SENSOR DIVISION Sunday, October 22, 2000 - Phoenix

Executive Committee - Sunday Evening Planning Meeting

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Simon Ang
Cindy Bruckner-Lea
Dick Crooks
V. S. Dunepudi
Peter Hesketh
Rob Hillman
Henry Hughes
Tony Ricco
G. Sberueglieri
Petr Vanýsek
Fred Yamagishi
Ted Zellers.

Meeting was called to order at 8:45 pm by Peter Hesketh

1.  The minutes of the previous Executive Committee Meeting were reviewed.  Hesketh motioned to approve minutes and Stetter seconded.  Approved unanimously.

2.  Peter reminded everyone to attend the talk by Antonio J. Ricco, the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Sensor Division.

3.  Treasurer's Report.
 Custodian Account: Jan. 1, 2000: $23,642.67; June 30, 2000: $25701.26
 Award Account: Jan. 1, 2000: $6431.84; June 30, 2000: 6624.84

4.  New slate of officers was approved.
 Chair: Joe Stetter (IIT)
 Vice-Chair: Dick Crooks (TAMU)
 Secretary/Treasurer: Cindy Bruckner-Lea (PNNL)
 Members at Large: Karel Domansky, Greg Frye

5.  Washington, DC meeting (abstracts due October 1, 2000).
The following symposia will be sponsored by the division.  All symposia are on track.
· Corrosion Sensors (no proceedings)
· Bioelectroanalytical Chemistry (no proceedings)
· The Eighth International Symposium on Olfaction and the Electronic Nose (ISOEN8)
· DNA Sensors

6.  Dick Crooks read Henry White's letter regarding elimination of Proceedings volumes.  Cindy Bruckner-Lea reported that the issue of Proceedings is being discussed at high levels.  Perhaps there will be special proceedings volumes that are not really proceedings volumes (they would be peer reviewed).  Tony Ricco indicated that most of the money in the division comes from proceedings volumes.  Henry Hughes passed out information about fund raising in DS&T.  He said it cost more money to run a symposium than income generated.  It was suggested that feedback on Proceedings volumes be sent to Cindy Bruckner-Lea

7.  San Francisco Meeting (abstracts due April 2, 2001).
The division will only co-sponsor one symposium since this is an IES meeting.
· Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Methods (Chemical Sensors; Biosensors, Biomolecular and Biomimetic Devices; Microelectrodes and Arrays in Electroanalytical Chemistry ). Cosponsors: ECS Sensor Division/ ECS Physical Electrochemistry Division/ ECS Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division/ ISE Analytical Electrochemistry Division/ ISE Bioelectrochemistry Division. Organizers: P. Vanysek, M. Aizawa, S. Bruckenstein, M.A. Butler, E.J. Calvo, W.R. Heineman, A.R. Hillman, T. Matsue, J.W. Schultze, J.R. Stetter, N. Yamazoe

8.  Philadelphia Meeting.  There were to have been three symposia, but the symposium entitled Integration of Sensors and Electronics was canceled.  Accordingly, there will be just two Sensor Division symposia at this meeting.  The canceled symposium will be held in Salt Lake City.

Secretary's Note: at present the ECS web site indicates that the Sensor Division will be contributing to four symposia in Philadelphia: (1) Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VI (P.J. Hesketh, H.G. Hughes, W.E. Bailey, D. Misra, S.S. Ang and J.L. Davidson); (2) Sensors for Semiconductor Process Monitoring Applications (P. Vanysek and E.B. Stokes); (3) Chemically Modified Electrodes (B. Manson, B. Lennox, I. Taniguchi and P. Bartlett); (4) Sensor Technology for Industrial Systems and Energy Devices (J. Weidner and J.R. Stetter).

Henry Hughes indicated that he thinks we should have only one sensor symposium per meeting.
Discussion followed regarding the possibility of having a poster session.  Next, there was discussion of having a general sensor symposium.  This was not a popular idea.

9.  Salt Lake City meeting.  It was decided to have a poster session at the Salt Lake City meeting.  There will be only two symposia at this meeting (IMCS joint meeting won't happen).
· AW Sensors

Secretary's Note: at present the ECS website indicates that the Sensor Division will be contributing to the following symposia in Salt Lake City: (a) Solid State Ionic Devices III: Ceramic Sensors (E.D. Wachsman, S. Russek, M. Liu and F. Garzon); (b) Combinatorial Chemical Electrode Arrays in Electrochemical Systems (D. Gervasio and H. Budry); (c) an unnamed symposium co-sponsored by the Physical Electrochemistry Division and organized by Johna Leddy and Peter Hesketh; (d) Acoustic Wave Based Sensors (A.R. Hillman, T. Zellers, S. Martin and R. Cernosek)

Joe Stetter suggested we talk to other people running non-ECS sensor meetings and try to get them to coordinate with us on running joint symposia.  He did this with IMOEN.

10.  Paris.  Preliminary discussion was held about potential symposia for the Paris meeting, but no decisions were reached and further discussion was deferred until the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

11.  Henry Hughes suggested having just four separate symposia: Biosensors, chemical sensors, physical sensors, etc.

12.  Peter ran a short course in Phoenix (microfabrication techniques).

13.  Petr Vanysek indicated that he would like to have funds set aside for San Francisco- $4000.  Tony pointed out that we need to keep all the income from the Proceedings volume as it keeps us afloat.  Petr's requested was tabled until the Washington meeting.

14.  It was suggested that the Transducer Research Foundation might provide some money for a symposium; especially student travel funds.

15.  Petr suggested that there be some accountability of co-organizers so that we know who suggested which people to help with symposia.  He indicated that there had been a serious problem with co-organizers from other divisions not contributing to symposia co-sponsored by the Sensor Division.

16.  The Meeting was adjourned at 10:35 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Richard M. Crooks, Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes of Sensor Division Lunch and Business Meeting
Phoenix Civic Plaza & Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ ECS

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

1.  Peter Hesketh called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm and introduced the head table.

2.  Sensor Division Outstanding Achievement Award presented to Dr. Antonio J. Ricco - Congratulations Tony!

3.  Nominations for officers read and nominations requested from the floor - there were none.

4.  Tony Ricco made a motion to accept slate of officers, seconded by R. C. Hughes, and passed by vote of Sensor Division members present.

5.  Peter reviewed upcoming symposia.

6.  Peter read highlights from letter to Dick Crooks from Henry S. White (University of Utah) regarding Society Proceedings volumes.

7.  There was a discussion regarding encourage student participation in the Division by providing awarded memberships.  Petr Vanysek proposed a motion for up to 30 memberships for students in the Sensor Division.  Motion passed by majority vote.

8.  Request for input for Interface magazine and newsletter by Cindy Bruckner-Lea.

9.  Hughes suggested lunch support for students to attend Sensor Division Lunch.  Will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting in Washington DC.

10.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Peter Hesketh, President
Richard M. Crooks, Secretary/Treasurer

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