Boylston Café, 3 November 1998, Tuesday, 12:15-1:15 PM


Petr Vanysek called the meeting to order at 12:30.

Minutes of the last meeting approved. [A. Ricco 1st, R. Brooks 2nd]

Financial report by Joe Stetter; treasurer was directed to put $5k from general fund to awards fund

so that award endowment was sufficient for award. Balance is $12,284 in general fund and

$11,905 in award fund. Tony Ricco, the chair of the nomination committee, proposed slate of

candidates - approved by membership. See attached - Peter Hesketh is the new chairman!

Congratulations Peter.

Chair: Peter Hesketh (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Vice Chairman: Joseph Stetter (IIT)

Treasurer/Secretary: Richard M. Crooks (Texas A & M)

Members at Large:

Cindy Bruckner-Lea (also newsletter editor, PNL)

Jay W. Grate (PNL)

D. Jed Harrison (University of Alberta)

A. Rob Hillman (University of Leicester)

Henry G. Hughes (Motorola)

Frederick Yamagishi (HRL Laboratories)

Noboru Yamazoe (Kyushu University)

Jiri (Art) Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Diane Smith (San Diego State University)

Mike Sailor (UC San Diego)

Ted Zellers (Univ. Michigan)

George Horvai (Technical University of Budapest)

List of addresses

Tony Ricco was inducted as Fellow of the ECS! Congratulations Tony.

Petr Vanysek discussed upcoming symposia.

Sensor Division is 10 years old - Dennis Turner will write our history for next meeting. Anyone who

has any information can contribute. The write-up will be published for the Philadelphia 2002 meeting

when the ECS will be 100 years old. Ideas for speakers and symposia are also solicited from


The Sensor Division will be highlighted in the next issue of Interface with articles by Ricco et al., Lundstr`m et al., and Kuhn.

THE OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN SENSORS AWARD - given by the division every two years was given to Ingemar Lundstr`m, and the award includes a plaque and a $1000 cash award.


The membership thanked Petr Vanysek for his two years at the helm as chairman of the sensor

division. We will still count on Petr to help our new chairman. Thanks Petr.

Please - all - members - stay involved in your division - we would like to see you at all symposia,

division meetings, and luncheons.

Move to adjourn; seconded.

Respectfully submitted.

Joe Stetter. 11/1/98

Web version prepared by Petr Vanysek 17 November 1998. No new electrons were used in transmission of this document.



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