Section Officers for 1995-1996

Peter J. Hesketh, Chairman The University of Illinois at Chicago Dept. Of Electrical Engineering and Materials Science 851 South Morgan St. Chicago, IL 60607-7053 Tel: 312-413-7574 FAX: 312-413-0024
Yong S. Zhen, Vice-Chairman The Institute of Gas Technology 1700 S. Mount Prospect Des Plaines, IL 60018 Tel: 708-768-0643 FAX: 708-768-0546
James M. Vetrone, Secretary Argonne National Lab. MSD, Building 212 9700 S. Cass Ave. Argonne, IL 60439 Tel: 708-252-4080 FAX: 708-252-4798
Lijun Bai, Treasurer Motorola 4000 Commercial Ave. Northbrook, IL 60062-1840 Tel: 708-714-7405 FAX: 708-714-7419
Petr Vanysek, Councilor Northern Illinois University Department of Chemistry DeKalb, IL 60115 Tel: 815-753-6876 FAX: 815-753-4802

Program of Meetings 1995-1996

Sept. 7th, 1995 "Results of a hydrocarbon chemical sensor" Dr. James Vetrone, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory Technical Chairman: Peter Hesketh

Oct. 10th, 1995 Chicago Local Section Reception at the Sheraton Hotel during the National ECS Meeting 8-13th Oct. Location: 8-10pm Chicago Ballroom 9. Sheraton Hotel Chairman: Yong Zhen.

Nov. 16th, 1995 "Quantum and Dielectric Confinement Effects in Porous Silicon," Dr. Davorin Babic, EECS Dept., University of Illinois at Chicago. Location: University of Illinois at Chicago 6:30 PM - Laboratory tour and social 7:00 PM - Dinner ($20, $8 for students, postdoctorals and unemployed members) 8:00 PM - Talk Chairman: Peter Hesketh

Jan. 18th, 1996 Evening Meeting Speaker to be announced Technical Chairman: Zoltan Nagy

February (Date to be announced) "Rechargeable Zn/Mn oxide batteries" Dr. Lijun Bai, Motorola Energy Systems, Motorola Inc. Technical Chairman: Yong Zhen.

March 15th, 1996 Symposium on the Electrochemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces Technical Chairmen: Peter Hesketh, Zoltan Nagy, and Gerry Zajac. Location: Argonne National Laboratory.

See the attached program for details (hypertext)

April 11th, 1995 National Speaker - Barry Miller

April Graduate Student Symposium:

May Evening Meeting Speaker to be announced Technical Chairman: Lijun Bai.

March 14th, 1996 at Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL.
                    Invited Speakers:
    Robert M. Corn, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin SHG Measurements of Adsorption and Reaction at Liquid/Liquid Electrochemical Interfaces
    Andrew A. Gewirth, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois Scanning Probe Microscope Studies of Metal and Inorganic Monolayers at the Solid/Liquid Interface
    Michael Bedzick, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University Analysis of the Electrochemical Interface using X-ray Techniques*
    Andrew Wieckowski, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois Radio Chemistry Measurements on Interfaces *
    Hoydoo You, Materials Science Department, Argonne National Laboratory Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies of Electrochemical Interfaces
    Richard Van Dyne, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University New Approaches to Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy
* tentative title

Preliminary Program 8:00 am Registration 8:30 Technical Program 12:00 Lunch 1:00 Tour of the Advance Photon Source Synchrotron Ring 2:00 Technical Program (continued) 5:30 session over 6:00 Poster Session and Cocktail Hour 8:00 Dinner For more information contact: Peter Hesketh at University of Illinois at Chicago at (312)413-7574 or by e-mail at, or Zoltan Nagy at Argonne National Laboratories (708)252-4355,

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