1998 ECS Chicago Local Section Activity Report

Presented at the Council of Local Sections in Boston by Petr Vanýsek

The Chicago Local section has had three meetings in the spring, listed in the attachment to this report. During the summer months when there are no technical meetings planned, the executive committee has met, elected a new committee and drafted a list of possible technical meeting speakers for the fall. One of the fall meetings already took place. The next one will be November 19 and four more are planned or already scheduled. The activity includes a Graduate Student Symposium, a traditional activity organized together with the Southern Wisconsin Section and alternating between venues in Illinois and Wisconsin. We have made an early commitment to recruit students to participate and we already have about eight participants.

The executive committee noted the high monthly fees to maintain an operating checking account with a local bank. A decision has been made to transfer the money to the custody of ECS.

The section is also discussing the possibility of organizing (next year) a daylong workshop on a topic of general interest. Although such even takes great deal of preparation, the two previous workshops that we had brought large audience and were well received.

Summary of the past meetings in 1998

Wednesday, January 14, 1998 BIOSENSORS, Dr. Changming Li, Motorola

Wednesday, March 11, 1998 Gibbs-Lippmann equation under STM examination, Dr. Jiri (Art) Janata, Georgia Institute of Technology

Tuesday, March 31, 1998 The Electrochemical Society, Present and Future and Materials Measurements Research at NIST, Dr. Dale Hall, NIST (Society Speaker)

Monday, Sept. 21,1998 Highlights of Recent Conferences on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, Dr. Petr Vanýsek of Northern Illinois University and Dr. Joseph Stetter of Illinois Institute of Technology

Future Activities:

Nov. 19 - Katsumi Niki, Electrochemical study of electron transfer in biological systems
Dec. 8 - David Goad, Boundary Technologies, Aluminum corrosion and capacitor manufacturing
Jan. 24 or 25 - ECS national speaker
February - Milan Mrksich, University of Chicago
March - open
April - Graduate Student Symposium, jointly with the Southern Wisconsin Local Section (probably at Marquette University, arr. by Mary Wong)
May - Chad Mirkin (tentative)