Chicago Section Activity Report Spring 2003


Presented by Petr Vanýsek, Chairman of the Section.


1.          The early fall technical meeting was already mentioned in the fall 2002 report. The October 7, 2002 was a big event, a full day meeting held together with the Prairie Chapter of the American Vacuum Society. The event included about 20 talks and student posters. Present was also the HQ representative Prof. William Smyrl, who gave a talk on his miniature fuel cell research and on organizational aspects of ECS. Several members joined for dinner afterward.


2.          We have acquired e-mail addresses of all the members and embarked on sending out questionnaires asking how we could better reach more of the members (evening talks, full day event, etc.)  As a result, we were able to get some renewed interest in participation, ultimately with a few people appearing via shared messages, who were not on our list.


3.          We have renewed our presence on the web as a division. (Petr Vanýsek)


4.          We regret the resignation of the secretary of the Section, Dr. Jack Sherman. His duties are filled in the interim by the remaining executive committee members.


5.          We had so far only one additional technical meeting. During the cold winter (and probably weak economy) there was very little enthusiasm to meet. “Let’s wait until it gets warmer,” was a comment often heard.

The evening took place at the Grand Mandarin restaurant in Lisle. The technical after-dinner talk was by Dr. Changming Li (Motorola) on Electrical Detection of Biomolecular Interactions on Arrays.

At the business part of the evening meeting the present executive committee recognized the valuable service of Bill Penrose the Section. Bill was the treasurer in 97/98, the vice-chair for two terms in 1998/2000 and for two more terms the chair, in 2000/2002. For his service he received the nice Past Section Chairman lapel pin with the classical ECS logo (inset).  During the meeting a nomination committee for next election was established (Henning, Lian, Marchetti). The section members were urged to contact the committee with suggestion for next round of officers.


6.          Report from the nomination committee:  The committee met and recommended the following slate of officers for the next year term. The slate will be distributed among membership and voted on at the May meeting.


Chairman:        Petr Vanýsek, 1st Vice Chairman Bill Penrose, 2nd Vice Chairman, George Marchetti, treasurer Sun-ho Kang, secretary Yuriy Tolmachev


We understand that Yuriy Tolmachev may potentially leave Chicago.  It that


happens, Bill Penrose will take the secretary post.