Report on Activity

Fall 2002

Chicago Section


Presented by Petr Vanýsek, Chairman of the Section.



1.          Most of the technical activities that have occurred in the past academic year were reported at the Philadelphia meeting. There was not technical meeting in spring, following the Philadelphia meeting.


2.          The officers met, with some new active participants on July 18, at the Genghis Khan restaurant in Downers Grove, to elect new executive committee and discuss future technical meetings.



Petr Vanýsek, Chairman

William R. Penrose, 1st Vice Chairman

George A. Marchetti, 2nd Vice Chairman

Sun Ho Kang, Treasurer

Jack Sherman, Secretary

Ke Lian, Councilor


Sun Ho Kang and Jack Sherman are new people in the committee.


3.          We have acquired e-mail addresses of all the members and embarked on sending out questionnaires asking how we could better reach more of the members (evening talks, full day event, etc.) We are still evaluating the responses, trying to find a sensible answer to the comments. Also, our secretary is involved in weeding out incorrect e-mail addresses. Some 25% bounce back as incorrect.


4.          We have renewed our presence on the web as a division. (Petr Vanýsek)


5.             Technical meeting for October: October 7, 2002 was a big event, a full day meeting held together with the Prairie Chapter of the American Vacuum Society. The event included about 20 talks and student posters. Present was also the HQ representative Prof. William Smyrl, who gave a talk on his miniature fuel cell research and on organizational aspects of ECS. Several members joined for dinner afterward.


6.          We have acquired a lapel pin for our past chairman Bill Penrose to honor his 2-year contribution.  We will use some future technical meeting to pass on this memento.



7.             Tentative plan for future technical meetings: (Please file also as the reporting requirement – to be delivered at the Fall meeting.)



            The plan is tentative because we are presently discussing whether some of the evening talks (our tradition), should become part of a day-long symposium.


            November/December 2002 - Dr. Viola Birss (University of Calgary).

            November/December/January 2003/February –

Short talks (in addition to technical meetings) by the newly elected officers about what they do.

            February – Joe Stetter, Gas Sensors, Electronic Noses (his industrial experience).

            March – Fuel cells, power sources – industrial aspects of it. Speaker(s) to be determined, goal is to get somebody from the Gas Research Institute.

March/April – Electrochemistry and British Petroleum – tentative speaker. G. Zajac.

April – Graduate student symposium. P. Vanýsek will organize, venue – probably NIU