1999 ECS Chicago Local Section Activity Report

Presented at the Council of Local Sections in Seattle, 2 May 1999 by Petr Vanýsek

This report covers the activity of the Chicago Section since the ECS meeting in Boston, November 1st, 1998. First of the technical meetings introduced Professor Katsumi Nikki who recently moved form Iowa to Illinois. The talk entitled "Role of Electrochemistry in the Studies of Biological Electron Transfer" was on November 19, 1998. The Society representative Carl Osburn visited the section January 25th, 1999 and gave a talk: Electrochemical and solid-state science and technology in ULSI technology.

Two more technical talks relied on local electrochemists. One was given my Milan Mrksich from the University of Chicago in February on Electroactive Self-Assembled Monolayers for Controlling the Interactions of Mammalian Cells with

Model Substrates. The second was in March by Timothy Henning from Abbott Laboratories entitled "Interference Free Biosensor." The typical audience consists of about 12-14 members who attend the preceding dinner. Sometimes two or three more people join for the talk. We are encouraging student attendance and usually about four students attend.

There will be one more technical presentation later in May by Chad Mirkin from Northwestern University and a planning meeting is scheduled for June.

This year the Chicago section organized with the Southern Wisconsin section a successful Graduate student symposium that took place April 9th in Milwaukee. 14 student speakers participated; the audience consisted of 22 people.