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Hints for Successful Graduate Study by Paul A. Deck

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Why is it dangerous to use Wikipedia for writing school reports? Everybody is warned about the fact that, although a great tool for initial information, the presented material is not vetted and pretty much anybody can contribute. No big surprise, errors or misconceptions get in. I am showing one example, which I found. It turns out, a graduate student repeated it at a seminar, to great chagrin of some faculty.

(From, retrieved December 5, 2012)  "Sunlight passes through the transparent electrode into the dye layer where it can excite electrons that then flow into the titanium dioxide. The electrons flow toward the transparent electrode where they are collected for powering a load. After flowing through the external circuit, they are re-introduced into the cell on a metal electrode on the back, flowing into the electrolyte. The electrolyte then transports the electrons back to the dye molecules." The error is the statement that electrons are flowing into the electrolyte and transported in the electrolyte. It is a fine description to understand the concept. But the problem is that electrons cannot exist as electrons in aqueous electrolytes, so the charge transport mode is different. A student who took electrochemistry should know that.