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Professor Vanysek is the past President of the Society.




Federation of Materials Societies

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Betsy Houston


The Federation of Materials Societies (FMS) is an umbrella organization whose member societies and affiliates represent the professional societies, universities and National Research Council organizations which are involved with materials science, engineering and technology. FMS constituent societies have more than 700,000 individual members.

The purpose of FMS is to aid the materials community in obtaining information from and exchanging information with the policy community. An important FMS goal is to help the materials community to arrive at consensus materials policy and to assist it in informing policy makers of materials concerns.

In addition, FMS serves as a clearinghouse between materials professionals and among its diverse constituent societies concerning their current activities, best practices, and the opportunities and problems cutting across specific materials and materials societies. The Federation of Materials Societies helps facilitate communication across the materials community.

FMS sponsors periodic workshops and a biennial meeting on matters of materials policy. These meetings provide a forum where policy makers and materials people can meet to discuss issues, develop policy and recommend actions.

The results of these meetings are summarized in meeting reports, white papers and recommendations for actions. FMS sponsors briefings for policy makers based on these meetings. Briefings are initiated both by FMS, federal agencies, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and other key government organizations.

FMS sponsors regular meetings of its Trustees, who represent its individual constituent societies and associated groups. Information exchange between societies about current activities and problems, policy alerts from the Washington community, discussion of FMS positions on issues, and the planning of future FMS activities are all the focus of these meetings.


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Petr Vanýsek, last update 04 September 2014
(Petr Vanýsek is the past President of the Federation and a Trustee of FMS, representing the Electrochemical Society.)

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