CHEMISTRY 321 was an analytical course for the students majoring in nursing. It is no longer required service course from our department, hence, it is not offered.



CHEMISTRY 321, Quantitative analysis Fall 1990

Instructor: Dr. Petr Vanysek

Teaching Assistants: Jorge S. Alvarado, Karen J. Jones




WEEK      EXPERIMENT                                                      EXP. #  (page)                GRADE


27 Aug.    Check in

                    Balance, burette                                                         1, 2 (556)       

3 Sept. Gravimetric chloride                                                           3 (559)                              20

10 Sept.   Acid-base titration                                                           6 (564)                              20

17 Sept. Chloride by Fajans' method                                               10 (572)                             20

24 Sept.        Water hardness                                                            12 (576)                             20

1 Oct.   Iodometric copper in brass                                                  15 (583)                             20

8 Oct. Potentiometric Cl! and I!                                                        18 (587)                             20

15 Oct. Spectrophotometric                                                             25 (598)                             20

                        determination of iron

22 Oct. Fluorometric riboflavin                                                        32 (608)                             20

29 Oct.       Atomic absorption spectro-                                            33 (609)                            20


5 Nov.  Thin layer chromatography                                                    39 (620)                             20

12 Nov.  Gas chromatography of alkanes                                          40 (621)                            20

19 Nov.             Completion of experiments

26 Nov.             Completion of experiments            

3 Dec.             Check-out

            Notebook and technique                                                                                                  40


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TOTAL        260




Due dates are the next lab period after the experimental work was supposed to be finished. Hand the cards to your TA.


Textbook: Gary C. Christian: Analytical chemistry, 4th ed., Wiley, New York 1986.


Notebook: Bound notebook. All data written in ink and in organized systematic style.

Have you notebook inspected for comments by your TA within first month.

The publication recommended for keeping scientific notes: H. F. Ebel, C. Bliefert and

W. E. Russey: The art of scientific writing, VCH, Weinheim 1987.


Grading: Report results on the yellow report cards. The lab grade is based on closeness

of the reported value to the known value.


Late results:  There is a 2 point penalty subtracted for each day past the due date.

Safety: Wear safety glasses in the laboratory at all times. Learn about possible

hazards and how to avoid them. Use common sense.