Colloquium and Seminar Schedule

Monday Graduate Colloquium Schedule

Spring/Summer 2012

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are funded in part by the NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee. The following colloquia will be held in La Tourette Hall  201 at 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted, and will be preceded by a reception at 3:30 p.m. in FW 300. Should you have any questions, please contact the host listed for the respective seminar.

Tentative Schedule




February 6

Prof. Wendell Griffith, Department of Chemistry, University of Toledo
Host - Victor Ryzhov
Mass Spectrometry in the Characterization of Posttranslational Modifications: New Tricks with an Old Tool

February 13

Xui (Claire) Xiong - Argonne National Laboratory
Host - Petr Vanysek
Nanostructured Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion.

February 20


February 27


March 5

Prof. Dimitri Vezenov, Department of Chemistry, Lehigh University
Host - Victor Ryzhov
How to Sequence Genomes By Pulling on DNA Molecules

April 2


April 9


April 16

Prof. Laura Anderson, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago
Host - Marc Adler
April 30 Prof. Mishtu Dey, Department of Chemistry, University of Iowa
Host - James Horn
Structural and Biochemical Investigation of Metalloenzyme Mechanisms

May 2


July 6