Northern Illinois University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fall 2003
Graduate Colloquium Schedule

All seminars will be held in Room 201, Faraday West at 16:00. (20 August 2003)


August 25

Pradeep Mathur, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay 

Reactivity of Some Acetylenic Moieties on Some Chalcogen-Bridged Metal Carbonyl Complexes

September 1

Prakash Reddy, University of Missouri - Rolla

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Organic Chemistry of Superoxides

September 8

Viola Birss, University of Calgary

September 15

John Belot, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Alternative Ligand Frameworks for Lanthanides lons­ From Clusters to Catalysis

September 22

Arlene Lennox, Fermilab

Research Opportunities at NIU Institute for Neutron Therapy

September 29

Robert West, University of Wisconsin - Madison 1

Stable Silylenes: The Chemistry of Divalent Silicon

October 6

Christopher Cummins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology1

Organometallic Chemistry of Lanthanides and Applications to Catalysis

October 13

Joseph Bausch, Villanova University1

Theoretical Chemistry of Boron Hydrides and Derivatives

October 20

Keith Pannell, University of Texas - El Paso

Organometallic Chemistry of Silicon Compounds

October 27 Joseph Loo, University of California at Los Angeles Mass Spectrometry of Macroscale Protein Complexes
November 3 Rathindra Bose, NIU Cellular and molecular mechanisms of ovarian and testicular cancer drug, Cisplatin

November 10

S. Ramaswamy, University of Iowa

Structural Enzymology

November 17

Herbert Schumann, Technische Universität Berlin


Metal/organic Chemistry of Group 13 and f-Block Elements

December 1

Peter Lee, Argonne National Laboratory

In-Situ Dynamic Studies Employing Synchrotron X-Ray Techniques




1 Funded by the NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee

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