Monday* Graduate Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2000

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are funded in part by the NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee and will be held at 16:00 in Faraday West 201. For more information, contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at (815) 753-1131.

A social gathering will usually take place in Farday West 300, at 15:30.

* Some talks are not on Monday or a part of the Graduate Colloquium Schedule. They are listed here for convenience.

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Date Speaker Topic Host Source of funding
24 January No Seminar      
31 January Qiao-Sheng Hu
University of Virginia

Synthesis and application of optically active conjugated polymers and dendrimers

D. Kevill G
3 February
Glenn Noronha
University of Californai Los Angeles

Bioorganic chemistry and water

D. Kevill G
10 Feb.
(Thursday, at 13:15 in FW 201)
Daniel Burden

Probing single biomolecules in bilayer membranes.

J. Erman

14 February

Norman Chiu
Sequenom, Inc.

Specific analysis of DNA sequence with and without labeling

16 Feb.
(Wednesday, at 16:00 FW201)
Victor Ryzhov
University of Maryland

Mass spectrometry - From fundamental studies to bioanalytical applications

21 February

Timothy Henning
Abbot Laboratories

Biosensors in the home: Direct electrochemical detection in blood.

P. Vanysek C
28 February Joseph Stetter "Chemical Sensor Arrays and the Electronic Nose: detection of Beer to Bacteria"

P. Vanysek


29 February

(At 16:00 in FW 300)

Werner Tjarks
Ohio State University
Synthesis and evaluation of boron-containing pyrimidines and pyrimidine nucleosides for boron neutron capture therapy of cancer   G
6 March

Lawrence Barton
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Reactions of metalloboranes with bases: New perspectives on some classical chemistry N. Hosmane C
6  March
(11:00 in FW 300)
Katia Michael
Inst. für organische Chemie Aachen
Exploring RNA binding   G
8 March (Wednesday) Anne Hinderliter
University of Virginia
Regulation of cell signalling by membrane domanins   G
13 March Spring Break
20 March Gil Indig
Chemical aspects of mitochondrial targeting in photodynamic therapy B. Gaillard


23 March (Thursday)

16:00 in FW300

Oliver Hofstetter

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

Antibodies as tailor-made chiral selectrors

Weil ihn die knappen
Öffnungszeiten der Tübinger Uni-Bibliothek in seinem
Arbeitsrhythmus stark einschränkten, erhielt der angehende
Biochemiker Oliver Hofstetter nach zähen Verhandlungen endlich
einen eigenen Bibliotheksschlüssel.

(Because the scarce shop-hours of the Tuebinger university library in its work rhythm
limited it strongly, the beginning biochemist of olive Hofstetter received its own library
key after tough negotiations finally.)

24 March (Friday) Oliver Hofstetter     G
27 March

Alex Buko
Abbott Laboratories

Proteonics in pharmaceutical chemistry

L. Erwin C
3 April Steve Sligar
UI Champaign-Urbana
Cryocrystallography and Cryospectroscopy of Iron-Porphyrin Monoxygenase Intermediates. P. Vanysek


10 April Katsumi Niki
Illinois State University
Electrochemical studies of electron transfer in biological systems. P. Vanysek


17 April Jame Dillon
Columbia University
The interaction of light with the eye B. Gaillard


24 April Date open


Paul Labine
SCI and Associates

(Posted 27 March)

I would like to focus on career paths and salaries for industrial positions in research and development, sales, technical service, marketing, and executive level positions for B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. students.

P. Vanysek


1 May Edward R. Biehl
Department of Chemistry, Southern Methodist University

Click here to see a picture of Dr. Biehl during the weekend.

Use of Arynes Possessing Charged Substitutents in the Synthesis of Fused
N. Hosmane, Q. Yao N. Hosmane, Q. Yao
8 May Finals week      
10 May (Wednesday) Prof. em. Heinz Nöth (picture)
Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Silyl-, Germyl- and Stannylboranes and -borates N. Hosmane N. Hosmane

*Abbott Colloquium speaker, funded by Abbott Laboratories.    


A - Abbott Colloquium speaker, funded by Abbott Laboratories.

B - Baxter Colloquium speaker, funded by Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

C - Funded in part by the NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee.

D - Part of the recruitment program, expenses mostly paid by the sending

E - NIU Faculty, invited by the colloquium coordinator.

F - Others, invited by the colloquium coordinator.

G - LA&S/Department

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