Monday Graduate Colloquium Schedule

Spring 1999

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are funded in part by the NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee and will be held at 4 p.m. in Faraday West 201. For more information, contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at (815) 753-1131.

Tentative Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
January 18 No seminar (Martin Luther King Holiday)
January 25

Due to a bad weather the previous day, the talk by Donal Gaines was postponed

February 1 James Kaduk
"Doing a Lot with a Little: Solving Crystal Structures Ab Initio Using X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data"
February 8 TBA
February 15 Donald Gaines
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Heteroatom Insertion into Boron Hydride Cluster Systems"
February 22 TBA
March 1 Santiago Alvarez
University of Barcelona
"Ligand Orientation Effects in Transition Metal Complexes"
March 8 Spring Break — No Seminar
March 15 Russell Grimes
University of Virginia
"Metallacarborane Sandwich Complexes in Metallopolymer Construction and in Polymerization Catalysis"
March 22 Dor Ben-Amotz
Purdue University
"Principles and Application of Molecular Thermometers, Barometers, and Viscometers"
March 29 TBA
April 5 Harry Morrison
Purdue University
"Steroids as Photonic Wires"
April 12 V. Ramamurthy
Tulane University
"Proton, Electron, Energy, Spin, and Chiral Transfer within Zeolites"
April 19 William Lipscomb*
Harvard University
"Fructose-1,6-biphosphatase and Type II Diabetes" (4 p.m.)
"Linus Pauling and His Influence on Chemistry" (8 p.m.)
April 26 Scott Denmark
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cancelled. Possibly rescheduled during the 1999-2000 year.     "Recent Advances in Asymmetric Catalysis"

*Abbott Colloquium speaker, funded by Abbott Laboratories.