CHEM 615 – Seminar


A/I/N/P seminar, Spring 2009
Tuesdays @ 4 pm, FW300


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Jan. 27

*grad colloquium* Prof. Eric Stach, FW300 - Cancelled

Feb. 3

Xiaoqiao Zeng (literature talk) -  Dye-sensitized solar cells;  introduced by Mike Recchia

Feb. 10

Rangika Wicramaratne (literature talk), Nano/Micro Encapsulation -introduced by Xiaoxiao Zeng
Roxanna Fotovat (literature talk), Solar photocatalytic water splitting -introduced by Rangika Wicramaratne

Feb. 17

Hadi Tavassol (short research talk), Conductivity measurements and effect of DC bias by a potentiostat on impedance measurements, introduced by Roxanna Fotovat
Eric Dore (literature talk), Nanodiamond composite films for abrasion resistant applications, introduced by Hadi Tavassol

Feb. 24 

Shark Teng (literature talk), Investigation of CeNi for catalytic synthesis of diamond in liquid phase; introduced by Eric Dore
Kane Hsiao (literature talk) Photocurrent action study of diamond like carbon films on Si substrate, introduced by Shark Teng

Mar. 3

Zhenzhen Yang (short research talk),The dye-sensitized solar cell, introduced by Kane Hsiao
Chi Kai Lin (short research talk), Kinetics of hydrogen storage enhanced by hydrogen spillover on palladium doped lithium nitride, introduced by Zhenzhen Yang

Mar. 10 

 PITTCON/Spring Break

Mar. 17

Barada Dash (Research update), Carborane appended dendritic molecules for potential materials science and medical applications,   introduced by Chi Kai Lin

Mar. 24 

Martin Kocanda (literature talk), Direct resistive heating of gas chromatography capillary columns for fast temperature programming, introduced by Barada Dash

Mar. 31

MS defense, Hua Fei (Gaillard)

Apr. 7

Chetan Suryawanshi (Reseaerch update), Coatings for thermal management and their radiation property, introduced by Martin Kocanda

Apr. 14 


Apr. 21

Ihor Kulchytskyy (MS defense) Quartz crystal microbalance for hydrogen detection,  introduced by Professor Tao Xu

Apr. 28

short research talk, Mike Recchia (Lin)

TBD PhD defense, Courtney Cherok (Carnahan)


	Students alternate between research and literature talks. Please post an abstract on the bulletin board and e-mail a copy to at least one week in
advance of the seminar. Presentations should be limited to ca. 45 minutes, literature talks/short research talks to ca. 25 minutes.
Dr. Vanýsek’s website URL is You will find the up-to-date seminar schedule and abstracts posted there.
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