Chicago Card

For some reason the card expires. You have to use its balance up, go to an office to have the balance put onto a new card or, if like me, you live outside Chicago and come on weekends, you can ask for reimbursement. Unfortunately, it came in the form of magnetic strip cards. I am not sure how it will work on PACE and of course, I doubt I can transfer for $0.25.

However, this way I was left with a non-functional card. Take a look  what is inside: an electronic chip and an antenna.

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The chip is on the right upper side, which probably explains why some people with a worn card have still good luck using the card by touching that corner to the scanning disk on a bus. The "worn" card probably means that it was bent and the copper wires forming the antenna inside the plastic were overstretched and broke.

What you see above is a card and below it is what was left after the plastic of the card was dissolved away by an organic solvent.

GSM SIM Card un-encapsulated

The same process gives a look inside the GSM SIM Card.

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Duracell PowerCheck

P1030220 (Small).JPG (62859 bytes)P1030221 (Small).JPG (60884 bytes)

The liquid crystal, under the green 100% - to - red would be heated intermittently a a resistive film, when the white dot on left, an another (not visible) at the bottom were pressed. The resistive film was a narrow triangle, so it heated more at its narrower section (under the red). A weak battery would thus heat only the narrow part enough for the liquid crystal to turn milky and indicate state of charge. Fully charged battery would supply enough to heat the who strip and indicate higher current capability of a fresh cell.
From its principle, it will indicated the level of charge properly only for such devices, which draw same current Duracell had in mind when designing the PowerCheck. The PowerCheck disappeared from the Duracell alkaline battery some time around 1999. However, it has been introduced recently on the Duracell Ultra Advanced line some time in 2009. (added 16 Jan. 2013)

8 May 2009, SIM Card added 6 January 2012

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