Fall 2008

Fridays, 13:00-14:00, Faraday West 300, instructor in charge - P. Vanýsek

29 August Petr Vanýsek Organizational meeting, Introduction to presentations
12 September    
19 September    
26 September    
3 October    
10 October    
17 October    
24 October     
31 October    
7 November The Great October Revolution Anniversary Class does not meet. Anybody who desires to commemorate the said anniversary can do it individually
14 November Hadi Tavasol Literature presentation: Surface x-ray scattering of platinum surfaces
21 November Martin Kocanda Detection of cyclic volatile organic compounds using single-step anodized nanoporous aluminum sensors
28 November Thanksgiving break  
5 December Hua Fei Literature presentation: Lipids of human meibum: mass spectrometric analysis and structural elucidation
12 December Adam Dill Ph.D. Defense: "Sample Introduction for the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Nonmetal Analytes in Pharmaceutical Compounds and Impurities"

Reminder:   The titles for literature topics are to be cleared at least 2 weeks in advance with Dr. Vanýsek. Abstracts for both literature and research topics must be posted on the bulletin board across from the mail room. A copy should be given to Dr. Vanýsek for web posting or group e-mailing.

            Research topics, candidacy, defense, etc. - please, supply me with a title as soon as you can so that I can fill in the blanks.


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