Colloquium and Seminar Schedule

Monday Graduate Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2005

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars will be held at 16:00 in Faraday West 201. For more information, contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at (815) 753-1133.

Tentative Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
September 16
(Friday): 12:00 noon
Distinguished Professor Mark Gordon
Department of Chemistry
Iowa State University
Computational Studies of Very Large Molecules1,2
September 26 Higgins Professor Richard Holm
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Harvard University
Coordination Chemistry of Transition Metals1
October 3 Professor John A. Maguire
Department of Chemistry
Southern Methodist University
Title TBA
October 10 Professor Scott McLuckey
Department of Chemistry
Purdue University
Title TBA1
October 17 Thomas G. Gray
Department of Chemistry
Case Western Reserve University
Excited-State Attributes of Metal-Metal Bonded Clusters
October 24 Assistant Professor Paul Jelliss
Department of Chemistry
Saint Louis University
Luminescence from Unexpected Organometallic Sources: Metallacarboranes
October 31 Steve Figard
Core R&D Prion Group
Abbott Laboratories
Prions: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cow
November 7 George Lynn Cross Research Professor Kenneth Nicholas
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Oklahoma
Title TBA1
November 21 Donald W. Jacobsen, F.A.H.A.
Laboratory for Homocysteine and B-12 Research
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Molecular Targeting by Homocysteine: From Risk Factor to Mediator of Cardiovascular Disease
November 28 Jacob Petrich
Department of Chemistry
Iowa State University
Fundamental and Applied Uses of Light: From Antiviral Agents to Solvation Dynamics to Food Safety1

1Funded in part by the NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee.

2Seminar will be held in Faraday West 300.

Additional seminars may be added later.

Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Studies Seminars

Conducted Fridays at noon in Faraday West 201 during the academic year. A schedule of this semester's seminars will be posted at the CBBS home page.

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